• 7 Years

    for the community & culture
  • 26 Styles

    represented at the festivals in Germany and Israel
  • 2136 Students

    already experienced Urban Stylez
2 h 30 min intensiv 3 days in a raw
Great for those who wants to dive deeper into 1 Style
75 minutes class with the Masters in many different stylez
Choose your individual schedule
4 vs 4 Team Battle at the Beach

Life the Culture and enjoy yourself with the best sound from our DJ's
2h evening show from incredible talents all over the world
Open discussions between teachers and students
are happening every year since 2017 in Bielefeld, Germany. In 2021 the festival expanded to Berlin. One year later we are in the North of Israel.

Choose the place nearby and be part of the unique experience!
next edition: 11.-16. October 2024
is working really hard to do the best for you. Let's get to know each other!
  • Dhele Agbetou
    Founder & Creative Director
  • Nastya Anderson
    Org team
  • Miles-Vincent Kleveman
  • David Sperling
  • Leia-Marie Höner
    Social Media, Marketing
are coming together from year to year to share some love in the dance studio. We make sure to bring only best to our students and here what they say:
  • Ilma, 20 years
    Joined USF Bielefeld 2023
    The Urban Stylez Festival on the whole was simply formative. You were happy to be there every day and to forget the outside world for the whole day. You were never bored because everything was so well organized that you could always join in or watch somewhere. There was no arrogance among each other, everyone had fun with everyone, and everyone was just ready to enjoy a great time together. It's been a long time since I felt so free as a dancer!
  • Gina, Magdeburg
    Joined USF Bielefeld 22 & 23, Berlin 22
    You have created a place where one can feel free, be oneself, grow, and be inspired - in every way. We are like one big family. Everyone is so incredibly supportive; you can feel that especially during the battles. The energy is high. I personally appreciate dance a lot more, because I get to breathe in so much dance culture air from all sides, which triggers an incredible warmth in me. And every time I return home from the festival, I am completely turned around as a person and realize that I have arrived anew.
  • Pia, Ostsee
    Joined USF Berlin 2022, Bielefeld 2023

    I was at Urban Stylez in Bielefeld for the first time this year - after getting to know your festival for the first time in Berlin last August I knew I definitely wanted to be there in Bielefeld.

    The weekend was incredibly beautiful for me. The vibes, the music, the emotions, the dancing and the wonderful people make this event something special 💕

    There was so much love and hype - I went home high on life Sunday night 🦋

    I definitely want to be there again next year!

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