Urban Stylez Festival 2019

This year’s festival was something special. We want to say thank you to all teachers, dancers, performers and the team. Thank you for this week full of magic and energy. This is something special.


Special thanks to our outstanding teacher team 2019:

Hip Hop

Ange Koué – Hype, Locking, Popping
Dhélé Agbetou – Hip Hop, Experimental
Mikey Ureta – Lyrical Hip Hop
Gonzy – Hip Hop
Patrick – Lyrical Hip Hop


Kwame – House
Kevosh – House

Popping, Locking

Ange Koué – Hype, Locking, Popping
Dean – Popping, Animation

Jazz, Afro Modern

Geraldine Armstrong – Jazz Dance 
Deborah Lotti – Jazz Dance 
Dan Agbetou – Afro Modern

Contemporary, Experimental

Gal – Hip Hop Contemporary
Dhélé Agbetou – Hip Hop, Experimental 
Link le Neil – Exploration
Danilo Cardoso – Contemporary, Floor Work


Emila Tomm – Dancehall


Kristiane Bryn – Meditation