How can I drive from Tel Aviv Airport to Nahariya?

There are many direct train connections from the airport to Nahariya. Just leave the airport, turn left and you will find the train station.

Attention! The 09.10. is a national holiday. There are no trains on this day. Therefor we organized a bus-shuttle. It drives at 20:30 from the airport to Nahariya. It is 15€/50₪ per person. Please inform us, if you want to take the bus-shuttle.


Who are the DJs for the battles and jams?

We bring three extraordinary DJs to Israel:

How much will the workshops cost?

1 Class 20€ - 65

3 Classes 50€ - 165

5 Classes 75€ - 250

10 Classes 140€ - 460

All you can Dance 300€ - 990

Hotel (09.-16.10.) 200€ - 660

Cheap Sleep 15€ - 50per night  - 70€ - 23009.-16.10.

Which hotel can I book via Urban Stylez?

Our partner hotel is the Amigo's Hotel (Kaplan St 41, Nahariya, Israel).

Where will Urban Stylez Israel take place?

The Festival will happen in the beautiful city Nahariya, the partner city of our hometown Bielefeld.

All dance workshops are in one dance school:

Efraim Sharir 33 st
Nahariya, Israel

Our Hotel is here:

Amigo's Hotel
Kaplan St 41
Nahariya, Israel


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