Urban Stylez Festival

Workshops, Battles, Jams, Performances
Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou

05.-12.04.2020, DansArt Bielefeld

A festival dedicated to the urban dance styles and modern contemporary dance art. Various workshops, jam-sessions, shows and performances combined with intercultural exchange between artists, dancers and audience are the essence of the annual festival.

Amateurs and professionals from europe and all over the world have the opportunity to meet and establish a dialogue between each other. Accompanied with a high media presence such as WDR, NW etc. over 40 workshops with 16 international well-known teachers from israel, brasil, france, norway and germany take place. Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou created this festival in order to bring all different kinds of people and dance cultures together. Urban Stylez is a future-oriented dance platform for urban contemporary dancers that has never existed in a way like this before.

Participants will be present not just from all over germany, but also from england, israel, poland, france, netherlands etc. Two dance performances in the evening as well as two battles followed by OWL jams for celebration invite both dancers and audience of all ages to the DansArt theatre to become a part of this unique atmosphere.

The Urban Stylez festival stands for beeing a part of something great. Dhélé started the Wake Up OWL movement and further the Urban Stylez event with the vision to promote young talents and to create a new stronghold of dance in Bielefeld and Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

Pics by Timo Dettmers

Pics by LevieFlicks