Kristiane Bryn



Kristiane Bryn is a yoga, movement and meditation teacher with a unique skill in guiding students into the intelligence of the body. She has an ability to understand and convey alignment and form in a way that invites the practitioner onto a journey to the inner worlds of the body. At the festival she will be teaching classes in body awareness and intelligence. The class is typically put together of different explorations of the body through meditation in movement or stillness and the journey often takes the practitioner into a deep state of relaxation, both during the journey and afterwards.

Her class playfully explores and blends inspired ideas from: bodywork, healing modalities, somatic meditation, breathwork and more.

“Kristiane is one true beautiful soul, she was born to teach yoga. When she walks into the room she immediately takes you out of your own head and into the zone. Her presence is magic. Taking Kristiane`s class is an experience.”- Tina Åkerblom