Dean Partush

Dean “Aladdin” Partush

Popping / Animation


Dean started his way as a basketball player and fell in love with dancing at the age of 17.
His style is a fusion of popping , waving , tutting , animation and boogaloo.

Dean won many battles and reached into top stages among the biggest battles in the world such as
1st place HHI world finals allstyles 2018, 2nd place IBE world finals popping 2016 and many more…

Dean learned the basics of popping online through the internet, from videos and tutorials and later on also learned from the best dancers and teachers in the world. His style is based on pop control, animation, waves and tutting especially, yet he started his foundation from boogaloo.

He believes in telling a story as you dance and take every technique and move into your very own style and uniqueness.