Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou



Founder of Urban Stylez Festival, O.W.L. Vibes Festival
Founder of Wake Up OWL Movement and Wake Up OWL Young Company

At the age of 13 the young dancer discovered the different styles of Hip Hop. Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou studied dance at “DansArt Academy” in Bielefeld and continued his studies at “Centre International De Dance Jazz Rick Odums” in Paris.
He worked as dancer in “Rick Odums Jazz Company” and “Young Company of Armstrong Jazz Ballett”. Today he is member of the “Hype’N’Spicy” Hip Hop Company in Paris and since 2015 dancer of the “Tchekpo Dance Company” Bielefeld. In this year he also founded his own “Wake Up O.W.L. Young Company”. In 2016 he joined the international program of “Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company” in Israel.
He is invited to Events, Battles and Workshops in Germany, Japan, USA, France, Poland, Italy, Israel and much more. He organised Festivals, Workshops and Battles in Germany to support the Hip Hop scene in his region.
Since 2018 he is member of the dance company of the theatre of Bielefeld, choreographed by Simone Sandroni.

Versatility and the knowledge of old and new dance forms is his focus. In his classes joy and fun are as important as precision and the understanding of the specific dance styles.